09 August 2015

Rising. Falling. Standing.

How many doubts I'm having doing my first step. I don't have that kind of experience. I could imagine it perfectly, but could not to feel. I could not know that surface's texture. How it's responding to my every action. Many doubts to believe. Many doubts to explore.

Rising. Filmed performance. Constantine Elijah 2015.

Step after step experiencing the movement I could think forward. Little by little through the experience I could program my respond to the external influence. Unexpected fall is creating strong emotions. Physical pain transforms into mental pain. Getting to know that I'm getting more friendly. Through friendship I am building a decent dialog. Through dialog I'm building a field of respect.

Falling. Filmed performance. Constantine Elijah 2015.

Accepting my result I am accepting my right to doubt. With getting friendly I am creating a field of respect. Looking forward I know how to influence an external environment.
Looking forward for new doubts.

Standing. Filmed performance. Constantine Elijah 2015.