22 July 2022

I Have a Dream! (goal reached)

(The goal is reached. But if you feel supporting the living artist (me) — just click here! 😎☕️)

Dear Friends,

I’m hoping to raise the money to buy а 3-in-1 ink tank Canon printer. And I need your help!

It’s price is between £200–250

Why do I need one?

Well, as a living artist I want to continue my experiments with visual art. My photography collection has grown large and needs to be shared with others. One of the strong motivations is to earn some money from it. “Some” - that would be great in the beginning. Once I’ve achieved that level, I can work on the “some more” goal. I have plenty of photographs, graphic sketches, digital collages and even more ideas ready to be shared (and my operating memory begs me to get rid of some old old ones…)

I would like to carry on with my BA Fine Art degree experience by doing my primary research in different kinds of prints. (My mental health will definitely be excited!)

Why particular that kind printer? 

It’s comfortable in use - separate refilling ink tanks make less stress related to the ink, it’s more flexible and I don’t have to buy the full set of colour cartridges just because one colour went low. It has separate ink bottles (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), so I have to worry about refilling bottles with original or generic inks. Moreover, it’s more eco friendly at least because I will use less plastic for new cartridges and less often will change colour inks. After the past few days heat record, I’m more aware about the global climate change… I like to believe that my little effort would also have its benefits. And finally, my lazy personality would like to make less waste because it doesn’t like to go downstairs to the bin room which is never on my way to anywhere… The less often I go there, the more happy I am!

3-in-1 option will also get me a scanner, which I’m missing in my research greatly! 

Scanning-copying-printing is all I need at the moment to feel calm, happy and helps me along the way to continuing with my BA Fine Art degree experience!

If you would like to support a local, living, young artist (in terms of my visual art experience I am very young!), you can donate any affordable amount using this link:


I will keep you updated in my Instagram @costeek stories. Leave your email address in the donation message for personal updates and your postal address for receiving my personal Thank You Very Much print as an appreciation of your kind support.

costeek loves you, please love him the same way!