podcast portraits or an alternative view of my guest

During making 'Q&A' podcast I was experimenting with portraits, a 'music art', a photograph representing a track on Soundcloud. Most of them are taking by me straight after the interview and all of them are edited after podcast editing is finished. It is a mixture of visual, audio and spiritual influence processed with the modernist visual idea.


post-minimalist drawings

Some digital drawings from 2015 when I was exploring capabilities of this medium. Here it's clearly seen my post-minimalist background.

untitled © 2015 Constantine Elijah

Digital collage

Some other experimentations exploring links between real and digital presence. I took photographs using a mobile device and finished them using a drawing app.

untitled, digital collage, © 2015 Constantine Elijah

Red Square

My earlier wonderings about the relationship between the reality and subconsciousness. In this works, I tried to adopt the photographic image into the sense of geometrical and colour aesthetics.
Works were done in 2014.

Red Square ©2014 Constantine Elijah


Q&A 010 Daniel Raymond

In this episode, I am speaking with Daniel Raymond, London-based artist, who decided to change his career in the financial sector to uncertain artistic freedom.His works could be found here: www.danielraymond.net

Q&A 009 Maris Sants

Maris Sants, the person who started to do what he likes in his mature age. After being a teacher, chapel man, priest, psychotherapist, barista he continued to discover human soul using another medium.


Q&A 008 Christoffer

Christoffer is a self-taught artist. In this episode, he speaks about his way to create, what he accepts in the contemporary art questions if art education is necessary?

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